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    T4 Terminal Adolfo Suarez Airport

    Construction of the Terminal Building located at the northern end of Adolfo Suarez Madrid Airport, which serves over 35 million passengers a year, with a processing capacity of 10,400 passengers at peak times.

    The terminal has an area of 470,261 m2 divided into six levels: three above ground for check-in, security, boarding and baggage; and three below ground for maintenance, baggage handling and passenger transport between buildings.

    The terminal building consists of three parallel volumes of three floors, each above ground, while below ground, each volume extends by joining together to form a unit, the surface of which decreases as it descends. The first volume is the Check-in facility (350-m long and 57-m wide), the second is the Processor – with the same dimensions – and the third is the Dock (1,142-m long and 39-m wide). The three volumes are separated by vaults which provide natural light and orientation, enabling passengers to see and understand while they move vertically along the cores.

    The cover, shaped like a bird's wing, is made of metal, light and consists of a steel frame and aluminium cover with thermal and acoustic insulation and inside false ceiling in wooden bamboo slats. It is supported by a central pillar, which is divided into four arms and external pillars, which are inclined and "Y"-shaped, above the main concrete structure. Its total surface area is over 150,000 m2.

    The façade is transparent, its full height made of glass, formed by aluminium crossbars hanging by steel rods system in the cover. It has a surface area of over 40,000 m2 along the more than 2,890 m perimeter.

    General Information

    Madrid, Spain
    Contract type
    Airport terminal with a surface area of 470,261 m2 divided into six levels. The Terminal Building consists of three parallel volumes, a bird wing-shaped metal cover with a surface area of over 150,000 m2 and a glass façade of over 40,000 m2.
    Year of project completion

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