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    Villafranca de Ebro - Burgo de Ebro Motorway

    Concession for the design, construction, financing and operation of a new shadow toll road; ARA-A1, running from the N-II road between the towns of Villafranca de Ebro and Nuez de Ebro, to the N- 232 road in its link with the A-222 in Burgo de Ebro.

    The motorway is 5.40 km long, the ground level fully projected in an embankment, bypassing the AP-2 motorway, the Ebro River and the Fuentes de Ebro irrigation canal. 

    The motorway has a total of 9 viaducts, 10 underpasses and 3 links with the N-II, with the AP-2 and N-232 and A-222.

    The most unique structure is the overpass over the Ebro River which is implemented by two parallel viaducts measuring 400 m in length, each consisting of 10 cantilevers measuring 40 m in length, arranged by boards on I-joists beams with a compression slab with a maximum height of 15 metres. The foundation of abutments and piers was constructed with piles and is designed in such a way that allows future expansion to three lanes.

    The project has been operational since the completion of its construction in 2008 and will be returned to the government in 2036.

    General Information

    Aragón, Spain
    Contract type
    5.40 km two-lane dual carriageway road, and a double viaduct measuring 400 m in length.
    Year of project completion

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