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Enviromental Footprint

ACCIONA wants to move forward with the commitment to minimise the negative impacts that occur in the execution of works. For this reason, it is aware of the environmental variable in all of its decisions, integrating it into the operation of its business.

The fight against climate change, the sustainable use of natural resources and the protection of biodiversity comprise the main elements of ACCIONA's environmental strategy.

ACCIONA, with the aim of reducing its footprint on the planet, takes the necessary measures and provides innovative and effective solutions that will also generate positive impacts on the environment.

ACCIONA is committed to a low-carbon business model, through accountability in relation to its environmental performance and through the establishment of continuous improvement goals in environmental matters.

Carbon Footprint

We are seeking carbon footprint reduction in all the activities that we conduct

Water Footprint

Construction business of ACCIONA contributes to ACCIONA Group's water footprint with performances in its production centres related to minimising consumption and the reuse of process water.

Sustainable use of resources

The responsible use of natural resources is a fundamental element within the performance of ACCIONA in the environmental field.

Waste management

In the construction sector, the measurement of the absolute value by weight of generated non-hazardous waste is not the most adequate indicator for judging the environmental performance of the Company in this respect.

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