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Water Footprint

Construction business of ACCIONA contributes to ACCIONA Group's water footprint with performances in its production centres related to minimising consumption and the reuse of process water.

ACCIONA calculates its water footprint on the basis of two international methodologies: Water Footprint and Global Water Tool from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, which consider both the impact on reserves of water resources and the change in water quality.

The points of higher consumption should be identified and the installation of equipment that allows for a rational use of water should be encouraged.

Additionally, we can also achieve a better use of this natural resource by applying best practices.

85% reduction of water needs in the production of concrete; ACCIONA owns four recycling systems and all works for the high speed train with in situ concrete plant must compulsorily have one. This requirement is extended to the subcontractor when their concrete plant facility is on site. A total of nine works have had a recycling system to date, by which the water needs for mixing concrete are reduced by 70%-100%, for cleaning transport by 30%-50% and for need for aggregates for manufacturing mud slabs and the transport of the same to the plant. Since 2007, ACCIONA has avoided consumption in works of more than 148,000 m3 of surface water, as well as the corresponding discharges.

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