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Health and Safety

The future can only be changed if we are able to act in the present, it is the people who move the ship towards its destination, coordinate efforts to achieve objectives and innovate to modify its path.

ACCIONA works according to a reference model within the culture of excellence in Occupational Health and Safety through the creation and improvement of efficiency in working conditions, ensuring health and safety in the workplace with a view to reducing occupational accidents, securing the involvement of companies, primarily subcontractor companies, enhancing their quality and providing social recognition and prestige, as well as adding value to their competitiveness.

ACCIONA contributes to enhancing the importance of human factor, strengthening the ties between positive behaviour and the management of health and safety in the 21st century through innovative programmes with a global vocation, and creating unique and exclusive success stories in construction companies.

ACCIONA has positioned itself as a standard-bearer in the new paradigm shift and provides society in general with a new order of elements that are conducive to the consolidation of a new preventive culture, as shown by its leadership programmes, by the safety of its workers based on safety-oriented behaviour, by its voluntary protection programmes targeting suppliers and contractors, by its high safety standards, or by the format in which critical activities are planned based on intuition, document economy and efficiency, simplifying the management value, compared with current management formats and systems. Not only is ACCIONA capable of innovating, but it is also able to do so quickly and effectively, which is what matters when it comes to being competitive

  • Our Vision

Commitment to achieving high occupational health and safety standards. Offering a work environment that ensures the physical integrity and general well-being of our workers, including our own as well as those of our supplier and subcontractor chain.

  • Our Mission

Promoting continuous and sustainable improvement of working conditions and of the preventive culture in the environment where we operate, promoting the development of this culture in civil society at large.

ACCIONA has a commitment to health and safety in the workplace that affects all of the hierarchical and organisational levels at ACCIONA Constructionn. Our mind-set is on health and safety in the workplace, making decisions and following scientific guidelines, positioning ourselves in the preventive paradigm of this century, whose cornerstones are the human factor and the reinforcement of the value chain.

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Social Commitment

We create synergies in the different countries in which ACCIONA is present through cooperation agreements aiming to promote, foster and strengthen good practices in occupational health and safety, through the promotion of culture prevention and continuous improvement.


Our distinctions are our pride in good performance.

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