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Continuous Improvement and Efficiency

Regardless of the preventive provisions of the various legal frameworks applied in the areas in which we operate, our activity generates differential risk management tools that serve to complement those already in place, ensuring greater effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Basic Health and Safety Planning in Critical Construction Site Activities

A tool has been designed and implemented that describes the methodology to be followed in planning critical activities in projects, based on a planning document that highlights the key content of preventive actions in critical activities.

The main goal is to conscientiously plan, sufficiently in advance, the technical and primary critical aspects, as well as activities that entail specific risks or hazards.

ACCIONA incorporates mandatory safety standards in the projects it carries out, without prejudice to compliance of local laws, as well as the requirements defined and required by the customer.

One of the objectives of these standards is to standardise and unify the reference safety standards in all projects.

  • Management by Results, Performance Measuring Tools

We have a pioneering measurement tool that enables us to obtain Health and Safety Management performance indicators integrated in the execution processes.

Based on the implemented system, control tools are developed to automatically generate alerts enabling effective measurements to be taken given the situation detected, whether in exceptional situations or involving general faults in Health and Safety Management in any of the workplaces.

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We built culture, we generate value

ACCIONA develops programmes that act on the organisational behaviour of the company in order to focus its actions and achieve the best results in the company's safety climate.

Social Commitment

We create synergies in the different countries in which ACCIONA is present through cooperation agreements aiming to promote, foster and strengthen good practices in occupational health and safety, through the promotion of culture prevention and continuous improvement.

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