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Our distinctions are our pride in good performance.

  • ASEPEYO Best Preventive Practices Awards

ACCIONA has been recognised by the best preventive practice with the BBS4U project of risk management using behavioural factors. The aim of these awards is to recognise those companies associated with ASEPEYO that have stood out by their actions in preventing occupational risks.

  • National Award 28 April

ACCIONA received the award granted by the Foundation for the Prevention of Occupational Risks, for the informative work in disseminating the P.R.L. (Preventive Management Application) in all areas, ranging from the corporate world to civil society, both in Spain and abroad. This is a recognition for the dissemination work of ACCIONA and its contribution to the creation of a positive climate of health and safety in the workplace.

  • Distinction to the Merit of Preventive Management for large companies in the Autonomous Region of Valencia

The Autonomous Region of Valencia grants the “Distinctions in Occupational Risk Prevention” to those companies or organisations that have distinguished themselves for their performance in this area. This is the first edition of the awards, granted after the World Day for Health and Safety in the Workplace, commemorated on 28 April.

  • Safety Management Systems

ACCIONA in order to recognise the involvement of our own staff in the Prevention of Occupational Risks, convenes them every year to participate in an event in which the Best Prevention Management is awarded.

  • ICASEL Second Prize Award for Occupational Risk Prevention

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Continuous Improvement and Efficiency

Regardless of the preventive provisions of the various legal frameworks applied in the areas in which we operate, our activity generates differential risk management tools that serve to complement those already in place, ensuring greater effectiveness and efficiency.

Training and Dissemination

ACCIONA, being aware that training is one of the main channels of the organisation to promote a true preventive culture, promotes training plans that combine traditional technical content with other programmes that seek to change behavioural patterns and consequently improve attitudes.

Social Commitment

We create synergies in the different countries in which ACCIONA is present through cooperation agreements aiming to promote, foster and strengthen good practices in occupational health and safety, through the promotion of culture prevention and continuous improvement.

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