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Innovative Managemnet

In a competitive globalised world, in which sustainable development is essential, innovation and its application to the development of processes and business is closely linked to the objective of providing value.

  • Looking to the Future, Innovative Management

Our commitment is to use new technologies in construction processes, with software applications to improve preventive management through access to information at different organisational levels.

The benefits of using these technologies notably include having centralised and validated information in real time, enhancing outsourcing, cooperation and collaboration between departments and eliminating time and space barriers.

  • The Company manages a high volume of information:

QR Codes.

PRL Preventive Management Application.

Management control of subcontractors, suppliers and access control.

  • Virtual Reality

Immersive stereoscopic technology for analysis, assessment or actual-scale simulation, enabling 3D visual assessment of a site and its risks.

Display Area and 3D Modelling

Simulator of labour risks prevention for middle management

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Continuous Improvement and Efficiency

Regardless of the preventive provisions of the various legal frameworks applied in the areas in which we operate, our activity generates differential risk management tools that serve to complement those already in place, ensuring greater effectiveness and efficiency.

Training and Dissemination

ACCIONA, being aware that training is one of the main channels of the organisation to promote a true preventive culture, promotes training plans that combine traditional technical content with other programmes that seek to change behavioural patterns and consequently improve attitudes.


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