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ACCIONA develops programmes that act on the organisational behaviour of the company in order to focus its actions and achieve the best results in the company's safety climate.

Working conditions and technique as a control and improvement tool is absolutely necessary, but having reached a state of maturity in some cases or a stagnation situation, it should be complemented with psychosocial policies that influence the behaviour modification, generate commitment and encourage trust, resulting in improved attitude and a change in behaviour; it is not surprising that, according to studies, 85% of accidents are caused by human error.

  • Project BBS4U

ACCIONA developed the BBS4U project which is based on improving our conduct and behaviour through the modification of the same, achieving that workers become directly involved in security, designed to strengthen and improve the safe performance of all collaborators.

The behaviour analysis applied to the company and the BBS (Behaviour Based Safety) methodology has a great impact on the Anglo-Saxon world, especially in areas of heavy industry, oil, mining, etc.

  • Project Leader

“PROJECT LEADER” Safety and Health at work is based on the improvement of our behaviour through the modification of the same, a better “attitude” and especially "Visible Leadership", achieving that leaders become directly involved in the safety of workers, whose effects on the general conduct of the organisation is essential.

  • Performance recognition programme

ACCIONA, in order to recognise the involvement of our own staff in the Prevention of Occupational Risks, convenes them every year to participate in an event in which the Best Prevention Management is awarded. An event that has taken place every year since 2000.

  • Training and dissemination

In 2014 ACCIONA , understanding that training is one of the main channels that the Organisation has for the promotion of an authentic culture of prevention, started the Global Induction in Occupational Risk Prevention Programme aimed at Construction and Industrial Professionals through an induction video in four (4) languages (Spanish, English, French and Brazilian Portuguese), a training that complements the training plan of our own employees and of the collaborating companies in accordance with provisions of local legislation.


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ACCIONA declares its full and unconditional support to the fund and objectives of the declaration.

Quality in Health and Safety

The management and organisation are committed to promoting the culture of prevention and integrated management of Occupational Risk Prevention in its own activities, or collaborating companies, to reduce and minimise accidents, following the guidelines set by ACCIONA in its Health and Safety Policy.

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