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ACCIONA adopts an Integrated Quality, Health and Safety at Work and Environment Management System, as a means of ensuring their results in a sustained way, with a focus on SUSTAINABILITY AND CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT of all its processes.

This approach is carried out with the fundamental values of social responsibility, safety and health protection, respect of people, teamwork, respect of the environment, application of the best techniques and preventive strategies at each time, and is more specifically stated through the following ones:


  • 1. Management Leadership and Organization’s commitment to quality, health and safety at work and environment, not only satisfying the customer expectations, but also enhancing permanently their satisfaction degree.
  • 2. Continuous improvement of the Organization’s culture to promote the employees and subcontractors behavior in order to improve the quality commitments, respect for the environment, prevention of injury and ill health and prevention of pollution, seeking for innovative solutions and knowledge sharing.
  • 3. Vision to promote the culture of quality, health and safety at work and environmental protection in the organization, its suppliers and in any environment where its activities are carried out.
  • 4. Consideration of environmental aspects and sustainability criteria in all the Company´s activities, for the purpose of minimizing the impact that may be caused over the environment and promoting the rational use of resources at all times.
  • 5. Environmental awareness and protection through the employees and stakeholder groups’ participation, developing understanding, training and awareness initiatives.
  • 6. Management focused on risk management to avoid subsequent damages to health and safety of people, incidents or corrections with the target “zero accidents”.
  • 7. Compliance with legal requirements and other specifications subscribed by the Organization related to environmental and health and safety at work risks, including road traffic safety and workplace stress.
  • 8. Implementation and updating of Management System, integrating economic, technical, environmental and health and safety at work aspects, as well as any other that contributes to quality, sustainability and the creation of healthy working environments.
  • 9. Promote internal and external communication, as well as the participation of workers in order to involve them in relevant aspects related to the Management System.
  • 10. Integration quality, health and safety at work and environment values in the Company’s strategy and in its activity progress through a process management and the establishment of appropriate objectives.
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