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Relevant initiatives

  • Collaborative Outreach/Graffiti Project

Nose Hill Stoney Trail Interchange (NHST), Calgary, Canadá.

The vandals, with bylaw and ACCIONA personnel supervision repainted the structures thereby hoping to promote more responsibility for their actions and curbing the incidents from reoccurring, it also helped building a relationship between ourselves and local law enforcement. We did not have further incidents after the initiative.

  • Building Tales Project

A sanitary and storm drain of the Muzú neighbourhood, Bogotá, D.C, Colombia.

In March 2015, at our branch offices of ACCIONA in Colombia, the money raised from the charity project "MUZU, BUILDING TALES" was delivered.

This is the result of a social initiative founded with a solidarity purpose. Members of the Acciona Oinco 778 project, thanks to the valuable cooperation of children, parents and teachers in the following schools: Parroquial Santa Isabel de Hungría and Fernando V de Aragón y Castilla, ACCIONA projects in Villavicencio, Bucaramanga, Riohacha, etc., ACCIONA in olombia and Oinco Ltda., have carried out this initiative by developing a storybook for children entitled: "Muzu, building stories - Great stories to share".

The purpose was to raise money for children through the sale of the books. The donation amounted to COP 7,100,000 (EUR 2,560) allocated to the HOGAR VERÓNICA, a foster home for the care of abandoned children with HIV, which offers them shelter, food, medication and care. A further COP 7,100,000 (EUR 2,560) was allocated to the Montfort Missionaries, dedicated to rescuing children at high risk of social exclusion off the street in the Belén neighbourhood, one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Bogotá.

  • Green Corridor Project, Aragón (Spain)

"Neighbours put the finishing touch to the construction of the Green Corridor by planting trees"

Neighbours from Oliver participated in the planting of trees in the park to put the finishing touch to the works of the green corridor. The neighbours had the chance to work by helping with the replanting of the area. These are activities in which they have participated for 20 years and which allow for an emotional relationship with the park, which also has a direct impact on the conservation of this green area. Adults form the local community participated in the planting activities, together with students from María Moliner secondary school, the Centro Socio Laboral, and from the Ramiro Solans and Fernando El Católico public schools.

The joint venture responsible for the construction of the Corridor was in charge of providing the necessary plants. Regarding the trees planted, these were rather large (weighing around one hundred kilograms), therefore the professional gardening staff from the company dug the holes and planted them with the help of machinery. The people collaborating focused their efforts on filling the holes with the soil extracted next to each tree.

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