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Social Impact

ACCIONA contributes to the management of social impact by mitigating risks, taking advantage of opportunities, minimising negative impacts and maximising positive impacts, and improving relations with communities and other stakeholders in their projects.

The methodology of social impact management, implemented in ACCIONA since 2012 within the objectives of its Sustainability Master Plan, is to integrate the management of social impacts throughout the process of identifying opportunities, contracting and executing ACCIONA projects, with a proactive approach of commitment to the communities in which it operates.

Throughout 2015, the Company continued to consolidate its social impact management methodology, with an emphasis on its implementation approach throughout the project life cycle, including the study of social risks in the earliest stages of identifying business opportunities.

This proprietary Social Impact Management methodology, based on standards of international institutions, contributes significantly to mitigating risks, taking advantage of opportunities, minimising negative impacts, maximising positive impacts and improving relations with communities and other stakeholders in the project.

Construction business of ACCIONA applies this methodology in 100% of its projects within the scope of this procedure.

In the framework of the Sustainability Master Plan, the Company aims to align 100% of its social contribution according to its Social Action Plan, establishing strategic lines of action through sustainable projects in the medium and long term where ACCIONA has a presence.

With the implementation of the Social Action Plan, as well as the management of the Social Impact of the projects, ACCIONA establishes lines of action, follows up on contributions and measures the impact of the same.

Acciona Construcción projects seek to generate positive impacts in those communities in which it operates by assessing and managing the social impact of its projects, as well as through an extensive programme of social initiatives.

The main initiatives developed concern:

  • Training of employees
  •  Protection/restoration of places of cultural interest

Improvement of infrastructures

  • Improvement of social welfare
  • Local procurement of goods and services/encouraging local entrepreneurship

Welfare of employees

  • Community educational campaigns


  • Protection of places of natural interest to the Community

Compensation and restoration of living conditions for expropriations

  • Information campaigns regarding the project


Since its accession to the United Nations Global Compact, ACCIONA took on the challenge to gradually implement the 10 Universal Principles on which this Compact is based in its daily activities, and to inform its stakeholders, with total transparency and objectivity, of the progress performed in this process.

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